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Welcome to the FAQ section of domain-screen.net!

Here you will find a lot of important information on a variety of areas. Whether you men now general information about our company
want to find out specific questions on how to upload data or the details of the reseller functions have - in our FAQ section
we keep you very extensive and constantly updated information available.
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Who is domain Screen.net?

Domain-Screen.net is a service of McDomain (http://www.mcdomain.de) and is used primarily for testing available domains.

How much does the service?

The search for available domains on the site is free. The involvement of private websites "Whois for own website" is completely free. For the Whois interface API, there is a free package for 250 requests a month. Whois API for the other packages we will charge a monthly fee, please refer to the heading "Whois-Interface (API)".

Why must I enter the 3-digit code image (captcha) for each query?

In order not to overload our servers, as should any automated scripts on the server domain-screen.net burden. With the help of the graphics code, which is limited to three characters, we conclude from automated scripts mostly because they can not read the graphic code. Only real visitors are able to read those graphics. So we avoid that our servers are abused or even fail due to overload. Nor can we avoid having to edit the Whois server registries of individual domains and do not lock our inquiries continue due to many bulk queries.

How reliable are the whois queries?

Domain-Screen.net try to keep the domain availability queries as concise as possible. Unfortunately, this is because of the numerous Whois Server has over 200 domain registries are not always possible. Especially in so-called developing countries, the results are not always reliable, as their whois servers do not always work or sometimes the inventory data is not correct. Whois Server also evaluated and their results are often changed, so that an adjustment of our scripts is always a laborious task. Not always deliver the whois server of each award holders must obey all data. Thus for some domain extensions can unfortunately only the status (free / occupied) and possibly certain configurations can be queried. Then Domain-Screen.net has no influence.

It will not be issued or insufficient Whois data. Why?

Unfortunately, not all domain registries support due to various guidelines, the issue of Whois data. Here are often the only states issued if a domain is already occupied or free. For a number of domain extensions, unfortunately no whois server are available. This domain screen.net checks whether the domain resolves. Can, should not this be the case, the availability of domain-screen.net guess. If you order the domain here, we examine more closely again, if the domain is registered by you. Otherwise, no fees are due.

What information do you need when ordering?

Domain-Screen.net required during the ordering process your name, company name and possibly the contact information. This data is used for the registration and accounting for McDomain.de and in the respective domain registries. Disclosure to third parties.

Can I order domains in domain Screen.net?

Yes, you can order immediately available domains to domain Screen.net. Occupied domains can unfortunately not be ordered about domain Screent.net. For this purpose, please contact directly to McDomain.de web hosting. Thank you!

How can I manage my domains ordered in Screen.net domain?

The administration of the ordered domains is not about domain Screen.net directly, but via McDomain.de web hosting. There you can configure domain forwarding, email forwarding, email boxes, free web space, etc., depending on the chosen tariff. Customer menu under manual you can learn the user interface including screen shots.

Who can access the API?

The API is only apply on "whois interface (API) possible. Only after successful registration you will receive one specified for your API key, which you authenticate to the API.

What is the API key?

The API key is used to verify the whois query script and should be treated strictly confidential. Must therefore over the web no login data is sent. The API Key is available in the customer menu.

Results of the API

The return is as a JSON string.

For a query of a domain the result look like the following:
["Pattern domain", "100", ""]

The structure is as follows: ["domainname", "Status Code", ""]

If "mode = 1" would be the issue as follows: ["domainname", "Status Code", "Whois Details"]

The evaluation of the JSON string in PHP 5 could for example be done with "json_decode". Here is an array passed back.

Result of the API codes and their meaning

To process the result codes with a better script, can the status of the query is encoded. The codes have the following meanings:

Code: 100
Status: registered
Explanation: Domain is already registered
Billing: Yes

Code: 101
Status: Free
Explanation: The domain is available
Billing: Yes

Code: 102
Status: invalid domain name
Explanation: Domain not valid (eg if not o. IDN-enabled extension?.)
Billing: No

Code: 103
Status: unknown tld
Explanation: TLD not available / possible (eg if not entered TLD)
Billing: No

Code: 104
Status: whois connection error
Explanation: whois server unreachable
Billing: Yes

Code: 105
Status: monthly requests whois reply
Explanation: Quota exhausted
Billing: No

Code: 106
Status: login failed
Explanation: User name or password is wrong (in more than 10 trials, IP block for one day)
Billing: No

Code: 107
Status: Account deactivated
Explanation: Account was disabled by Admin, or not yet released
Billing: No

Code: 108
Status: ip blocked
Explanation: IP is blocked because too many incorrect login attempts
Billing: No

Code: 109
Status: unkown error
Explanation: other defects not noted allocatable
Billing: No

How can you access the API?

To the Whois API can be accessed as follows:

The parameters to use are as follows:

possible values: API
Specifies that a query via the API.

possible values: API Key
Serves the allocation of queries to the respective customer.

possible values: Any domain e.g. 'musterdomain.de' with a valid domain extension transmits the queried domain.

possible values: 0 or 1
0 verifies the domain, whether occupied or free
1 returns the Whois Details of a Domain